Carver Park Community Update
February 2008

Griffin Park

q        The closing for the Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) settlement took place December 3, 2007.  OHA received a total of $4,333,517 as a settlement. 

q        The demolition and disposition of Building 812 must be approved by the Special Applications Center (SAC) of HUD.  OHA staff is preparing materials needed by the SAC and SHPO to finalize the disposition.

q        Staff continues to coordinate relocation of the Griffin Park residents involved in the FDOT activity.  Residents have stated their preferences for the public housing site where they would like to relocate.  Every effort is being made to accommodate their choices.

q        Residents of Building 812 and Buildings 720 and 726 who chose to transfer to the newly renovated Building 808 have been successfully relocated!

Grant Writing/Agency Plan/Other                       

q        The City of Orlando awarded OHA over $900,000 in State Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) Disaster Recovery Initiative funds.  The funds are being used for roof replacement at Johnson Manor, Murchison Terrace, Lake Mann and Reeves Terrace.

q        The Annual Plan was submitted to the United States Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) January 17, 2008.

Asset management/west oaks apartments                                            

q      West Oaks Debt Service Ratio for December 2007 was 1.12.

q      Occupancy as of 12/31/07 was 85.56%.

Carver Park HOPE VI

Phase A Infrastructure And Soil Remediation

q      Soil Remediation:  The Florida Department of Environmental Protection (FDEP) issued a “Site-Assessment Report Approval” letter. This means that FDEP has accepted all the testing as completed by URS and no further testing is needed. All other site remediation activity is related to engineering controls on the site, including paving the streets and parking lots and adding deed restrictions for homeowners.

q      Infrastructure: Excavation and installation for sewer line, manholes and laterals, and storm drainage systems are complete west and east sides of the site.   Gutters have been installed for the Alleys A and B and for Jernigan and Lee Avenues.

q      DemolitionThe former Carver Court Administration Building has been completely demolished.  The Finlay Development office is located in a trailer on the Carver Park site.

Phase B West Oaks

q      A Homeownership Information Session was held August 2, 2007.  Nine (9) residents attended. 

Phase C    Off-site Homeownership

q      HOPE VI and Revitalization Plan Revisions:
 The HUD HOPE VI office in Washington, D.C. approved the modifications of the Carver Park Revitalization Plan.  The modifications include reducing the number of off-site homeownership opportunities from fifty (50) to nine (9) and reallocation of the funds from that phase to soil remediation.  Nine (9) families purchased homes in Orange County with the assistance of Carver Park HOPE VI subsidy.

Phase D  On-site Homeownership

q      VERTICAL CONSTRUCTION ON THE MODEL HOME IS UNDERWAY!!!!!  The City issued the building permit January 31, 2008.  The model should be completed and ready to be used as a sales office by the end of May 2008.  The builder is Concord Building based in Melbourne, Florida.  The model will be a one-story 1,325 square foot house at the corner of Short Avenue and Conley Street.

q      Finlay Development and OHA, through a partnership, applied for a Community Workforce Housing Initiative Program (CWHIP) grant through the Florida Housing Finance Corporation.  The CWHIP funds provide subsidy for homeownership for families up to 140% of median income.  The Finlay/OHA application is for twenty-one (21) homeownership units throughout the Carver Park site.  Families between 120% and 140% of median will be the target population, as the HOPE VI funds already assist families up to 80% of median.  This will provide for a true mixed-income community.  Awards should be announced in late April.

q      The Homeownership Term Sheet (HTS): The Homeownership Term Sheet (HTS) is the agreement between OHA and HUD outlining the terms of the homeownership program.  It is being revised to reflect the previously increased number of homeownership units on-site.  A modification to the HUD Disposition Plan has been sent to HUD’s Special Application Center for review.

q      Homeownership Education Classes: OHA completed its fall/winter homeownership education classes for the prospective homebuyers (affordable) at Carver Park.  Ten (10) families want to buy in Carver Park and have been pre-approved by a mortgage company or bank.   

Phase E Elderly Building Public Housing- The Villas at carver park

q      Construction:  Construction is dependent upon the Florida Housing Finance Corporation tax credit/bond deal closing.

q      Financing: The documents for the bond deal were submitted to HUD in January 2008.  HUD has an assigned legal counsel and it is expected that at least thirty (30) days will be needed for review.  HUD is being asked to expedite the review since the bond market terms are dropping; if it drops too low, OHA will have to provide more equity.  The closing is expected in late February or early March.

q      The Rental Term Sheet and attachments were submitted to HUD for review.  Comments were minimal.  The approval is pending review of evidentiary documents (primarily bond-closing documents). 

q      A modification to the Disposition Approval has been submitted and is under review by the Special Applications Center.  The modification asks HUD’s permission to place the land into a long-term lease with the Villas at Carver Park, LLLP.

Phase F    Multi-family Rental (the landings at carver park), Neighborhood Network Center and Central Maintenance  Facility Rehabilitation  

q      Construction: Finlay Development selected R. L. Burns Construction to build the Neighborhood Network Center. Rhodes and Brito Architects are working on a redesign of the building to make it more residential in appearance and more functional as a community building.

q      Design:   Fugleberg Koch is preparing construction drawings for the rowhouses, townhouses, duplexes and fourplexes.   The designs will go to the Downtown Development Board in March for their comments and review. 

q      Financing: The 4% tax credit application is being processed by Florida Housing Finance Corporation.  There is a possibility that the Orange County Finance Authority may have some bond money available.  These funds would be used instead of the FHFC funds because the process for closing is much faster. 

Phase G Community and Supportive Services and Grant-wide Administration




Phase F First  Unit Available for Occupancy


Phase F Construction of Neighborhood Network Center (NNC) Complete


Phase F Construction of Buildings Complete


Phase F Construction of Neighborhood Network Center Begins


Phase F Construction Contract Executed


Phase F Construction Documents Submitted to HUD


Phase F A/E Subcontract Executed


Phase F Developer Agreement Addendum Executed


Phase F 9% Tax Credit Application Submitted


Phase F 4% tax credit/bond application submitted


Phase E Designated Housing Plan Approved by HUD


Phase E Developer Agreement Addendum Executed


Phase E Rental Term Sheet submitted to HUD


Phase E First Senior Unit Available for Occupancy


Phase E Construction of Elderly Building Complete


Phase E Construction of Elderly Building Begins


Phase E Construction Contract Executed


Phase E Construction Documents Submitted to HUD


Phase E A/E Subcontract Executed


Phase E Designated Housing Plan Approved by HUD


Phase E Designated Housing Plan Submitted to HUD


Phase E Underwriting Completed and Funding Obtained


Phase E Tax Credit Application Submitted


Phase E Developer Agreement Addendum Executed


First Homeownership Unit Available for Occupancy


Construction of Model Homes Begins


Phase D On-site Homeownership Construction Contract Executed

Under revision

Phase D Homeownership Term Sheet Approved by HUD


Phase D On-site Homeownership  Evidentiaries Submitted to HUD


Phase D Onsite Homeownership Term Sheet Submitted to HUD


Complete Infrastructure works


Restart infrastructure works


Suspend infrastructure works for remediation


Start Infrastructure works


Obtain City grading permit


Land Disposition application submitted to HUD


Plat Recording


Plat Approval


Advertise bids for infrastructure


Complete Design of Infrastructure


Master Developer Agreement executed


Start Design of Infrastructure


Zoning / PD Approved by City Council


MPB approval of PD


Preliminary TRC recommendation to Municipal Planning Board


PD application submitted


Environmental Clearance Approved


Supplemental Submissions Approved by HUD


CSS Plan Approved by HUD


CSS Plan Submitted to HUD


Pre-Development Agreement approved by OHA Board


PD pre-submittal meeting


Pre-Development Agreement submitted to Board


Issue Supplemental Submission to HUD


Complete Environmental Survey Phase-I and II


Grant Agreement Signed


Grant Awarded

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