Homeownership Program

The Orlando Housing Authority (OHA) began its Homeownership Program as part of a 1997 HOPE VI grant program.  The OHA has since expanded its program with a 2002 HOPE VI grant and a ROSS Homeownership Grant for public housing residents.   

The Orlando Housing Authority has helped sixty-three (63) low-income families reach their goal of becoming a first time homebuyer.  Eighteen (18) of these families purchased homes on the Hampton Park HOPE VI site.  The OHA is now developing the Carver Park HOPE VI site in west downtown Orlando, which will include twenty-two (22) homes for low-income families.   

The Orlando Housing Authority assists public housing residents and OHA Section 8 program participants achieve the goal of homeownership through individual counseling and extensive homeownership training classes.  The OHA Homeownership counselor works with clients to resolve credit problems, inform them of fair housing rights and predatory lending practices, find available sources of mortgage assistance funds, and works with lenders and real estate agents to streamline the process and make it easier for the clients to understand.  OHA assistance does not end once the home is purchased.  OHA offers post purchase counseling and foreclosure prevention services.  The combination of homeownership training classes and individual credit and homeownership counseling has proved successful in creating educated homeowners who are less susceptible to foreclosure.  The OHA takes great delight in playing a key role in assisting clients to achieve the American Dream of Homeownership.  There is no reward greater than the joy in the faces of the family as they insert the key in the lock and open the doorway to their dream home and new life as homeowners. 

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