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Toward A Stronger Economy

Top among the Orlando Housing Authorityís (OHA) priorities is the aiding in the establishment of a strong economy and the encouragement of residentís self-sufficiency through enhanced self-esteem and individual improvement.

 Through training and guidance provided by skilled OHA staff members, residents are offered management and technical assistance designed to foster the entrepreneurial spirit. As a result, many OHA residents are self employed, or involved in the management training assistance program where residents are trained to become actively involved in the management of their own properties. They are taught basic accounting procedures, job readiness skills and interviewing techniques.

 The OHA has also established computer laboratories in several of its communities; increasing the percentage of residents registered to vote by 35%; and plans to award educational scholarships to qualified clients.

 Partnerships are necessary for the success of OHA programs. In addition to seeking grants and awards from public and private sectors, an on-going effort is made to network with agencies that serve public housing residents and section 8 participants.  Partnerships have been established with entities such as; the Private Industry Council, Goodwill Industries, Walt Disney World, neighborhood- USA, The City of Orlando and many other corporations and agencies.